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Rambollilla on yli 30 vuoden kokemus offshore-infrastruktuurialalta. Olemme suunnitelleet maailman haastavimpia putkilinjajärjestelmiä. 

Energy highway to natural resources

Polarled pipeline connects new fields in the Norwegian Sea with existing infrastructure, giving access to vital energy resources.

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The Missing Energy Links

Europe has one of the best-functioning energy markets in the world. Yet some gaps need to be filled to secure energy supply. One of the biggest is getting Norwegian gas through Denmark to Poland. 

Baltic Pipe

Important gas pipeline between Denmark and Poland

24 elokuuta 2017

Ramboll has won a large contract worth a double-digit million euro figure for Polish GAZ-SYSTEM for the environmental assessment and design of the offshore Baltic Pipe between Denmark and Poland. The pipeline will connect gas in the North Sea with consumers in Central and Eastern Europe and thereby strengthen the security of supply.

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